Students and Graduation

Students and Graduation

It is the end of May. Graduation ceremonies and celebrations are in full swing. Families and friends of graduating seniors are gathering to fill countless high school auditoriums and college campuses, as untold thousands of students from all across America finally receive the much-anticipated reward for all of their hard work, diligent study, and self-sacrifice.

We are all working toward Graduation.

We are all working toward Graduation.

In the case of graduating high-school seniors, this ceremony symbolizes the culmination of a dozen years’ worth of getting up on time in order to get ready for and get to class; more hours of diligent study in levels of ever-increasing difficulty than most could, or will, ever truly remember; and many and multiple difficult choices, challenges, extra-curricular activities and personal and parental sacrifices, all of which, being worked together, have finally produced and made this moment possible.

As a result of many of these elements in differing combinations, the names of those who have sat in countless classes, conducted a myriad of experiments, passed a plethora of difficult tests, and have served either on or in several different competitive teams and capacities to reach this milestone have now been placed on the appropriate graduation rosters and registers. The caps and gowns in which they must walk before the school authorities to receive their diplomas have been acquired and now graciously adorn them. All of this, while proud and beaming parents and grandparents, present with pricy cameras and smart phones charged and at the ready, jubilantly await that one glorious moment when their own ‘perfect’ and precious offspring will finally walk across that stage to receive their just reward. This is, after all, the moment they have been waiting, hoping, and helping to prepare their beautiful, priceless, and much-beloved children for since day one.

But what about that infinitely more important ‘graduation’ day that’s ultimately coming? What about that final day of judgment where there is so much more at stake than our human minds can even begin to comprehend? How much more time and effort by comparison, are all of these parents putting into making sure their precious and beloved children are receiving the right and biblically-sound spiritual education, in order to prepare them to fully pass that very final, eternal life and death important exam?

For example, are those parents who have no problem making sure their children are up, dressed, and ready for secular schoolroom classes five days a week, making even more sure to get them up, dressed, ready for and to the Bible classes of the Lord’s church which are so much more vital, only just a meager one day a week? Are they setting the right example by setting in the adult class themselves?

What about when it comes to homework? Are they helping their precious children by reading to and studying the Bible with them? Are they explaining and showing their children through practical example how the Christian system of service to others works? Are these parents themselves living a life that says that the sacrifices are certainly worth the reward from the Lord in the end?

You see, in order for a Christian to be considered faithful enough to receive the reward of the just and righteous on that great and final day, there are many essential elements which God says must be a part of that growing and maturing process. Constant Bible study is one of them (2 Tim. 2:15) – constant, diligent, and persistent Bible study in ever-increasing levels and measure to be exact (2 Ptr. 1:3-11). Consistent attendance is also a must (Hebs. 10:19-39). They must also be ‘team’ players who have learned to work, serve, and pull together as one (1 Cor. 1:10; Eph. 4:1-4, 11-16).

Throughout the spiritual education process of this life there will be a vast myriad of tests that will have to be passed (Deut. 13:3; 1 Chron. 29:17; Ps. 11:4; Jer. 17:10; 2 Cor. 13:5; Jms. 1:3 and etc). There will be many and sometimes increasingly difficult challenges, choices, and sacrifices that will have to be made (Matt. 7:14; Phil. 3:1-11, 1 Ptr. 4:1-19). Investment of one’s self, their abilities, and their newly-acquired knowledge in service-oriented projects is also  mandatory to receiving the reward (Matt. 25:14-46; Romans 12:1-21; Titus 2:11-15).

And firstly and lastly and throughout of course, having to faithfully learn and follow the divine textbook in all things goes without saying. It is only by so doing that one can truly discover how to, and then can fully and truly acquire the priceless, properly-colored, and God-required ‘graduation’ ceremony robe or clothing (Gal. 3:26-27; Rev. 7:9-17; See also Matt. 22:1-14 for similar understanding); as well as to have their name forever engraved on God’s holy graduation register (Phil. 4:3; Rev. 3:5).

What a crying shame that so many parents in the world today, will focus so much time, and personal effort, energy, pride, and resources on getting their precious children to such earthly graduation stages and ceremonies… only to earn a piece of paper that will be utterly worthless when they and their children come face to face with their greatest and most important ceremony ever – totally unprepared for anything other, than utter failure… (Rev. 20:11-15).

God help any and all such concerned parents who have not been properly training and preparing their children at this point (Eph. 6:1-4), to make the decision right now, to repent and ‘go back to school’ with them! Classes are in session this coming Sunday at your local congregation of the Lord’s church (Romans 16:16)!

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