Searching for Salvation

Where is God?

When things were good, and he had been blessed, the King David praises God and gives thanks. When things were bad, and he was distressed, he wonders where God is and cries out for His salvation (Psalm 22:1). But through it all, good and bad, he puts his trust in the Lord. He knows that it is God who sustains, blesses, and protects him. Even when he doesn’t feel God’s presence.

Look to God for Salvation.

Look to God for Salvation.

Be still, cleanse your hands from all iniquity, purify your heart, be humble, and be honest. When David cried out “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” God was in the same place He was when Jesus cried those same words (Matthew 27:46). God was there then and He is here now and His desire will be done. Look to Him for salvation, trust in Him, obey Him, and be faithful!

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