Polls to Decide Abortion, Marriage, Morals

Let the Polls Decide It!

Our nation has arrived at the point where national polls have far more to do with what legislation is passed than any consideration as to whether it is moral or right. Of even greater concern is that moral issues, many of them opening or closing the doors to heaven, are being decided by what the majority of our peers are thinking.

We have seen this over the past months in the decisions concerning abortion. When does life begin? Does life begin at conception, or is it right to abort a child in the last trimester of pregnancy? In recent weeks, the controversy has been brought to the forefront by the Texas legislature, when it passed laws prohibiting abortion after the 20th week. Prior to this time, the general attitude was at 24 or 26 weeks. What does this indicate? The response to this shows how so many have no idea about the matter and generally are persuaded by popular opinion.

The same is true of the Supreme Court’s overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act, which seemingly has opened the door in many places for homosexual “marriages.” So many in America are rejoicing over this matter, not because of the moral issues involved, but because it is “politically correct” to be seen as being “kind” and “open-minded.”

In both of these cases, no new discovery has been made, but the tide of popular opinion has changed. At least, we have be told this so often that many are convinced it has.

So, how are moral issues determined? What is the standard of right and wrong? What is the definition of holiness and how is it determined? One fact should be obvious and that is that it cannot be determined by what the majority are doing!

Think of the world in Noah’s day. How “politically correct” was the stand taken by Noah? What would popular opinion polls have shown? The same could be said about Sodom and Gomorrah in the days of Abraham. What was the “morally” popular opinion of sexual orientation? When Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem, what would the polls have thought about Him? The majority shouted, “Crucify Him, crucify Him!” Polls have never determined righteousness!

The overwhelming majority of earth’s population has no belief in the God you and I serve. This is what the polls show. Does this mean that the ungodly world determines what is right? Does it set the standard for righteousness, holiness and morality? We know better, but sometimes it is so easy to be silenced by what the polls of “popular opinion” show.

What should our homes look like? What should the church look like? The only “poll” that matters is the one which will be used on the final day. May we never forget this!

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