More Evidence that God will not Forsake You – Just Ask Joseph

The next time you read Genesis take time to notice how God was always with Joseph. Look at the following list of all the times God was with him. He was with him:

¨ When his dreams were misunderstood, yet later proved to be right.

¨ When he receive a coat of many colors and he didn’t ask for it—and the coat became a source of trouble.

¨ When his brothers talked about killing him.

¨ When his brothers put him in a pit with no intention of ever releasing him.

¨ When he was sold by his brothers for only 20 pieces of sliver.

¨ When he became a servant in Egypt, where he went from being a favorite son to being a common slave.

¨ When his father did not come immediately to buy him back.

¨ When he stood for right, refused the advances of an evil woman and got in trouble.

¨ When he was in prison where we are reminded “God was with him” (Gen. 39:2, 3, 21, 23).

¨ When he interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh’s baker and cupbearer.

¨ When the cupbearer forgot to keep his promise to remember Joseph when he returned to the palace.

¨ When years later he stood before Pharaoh. He had been in Egypt 13 years, yet His faith was still strong.

¨ When his brothers first came and he hid his identity from them.

¨ When his brothers returned.

¨ When he used wisdom in dealing so wisely with his brothers.

¨ When he revealed himself to his brothers.

¨ When he first saw his father.

¨ When Goshen became the Israelites’ land.

¨ When his father blessed his sons.

¨ When his father died.

¨ When he returned to Egypt after burying his father.

¨ When he asked for his bones to be some day returned to the promised land.

Child of God, take time to meditate of God’s promise to never forsake us and how His providence is illustrated in Joseph’s life. Then take time to see His presence in your life. God, who cannot lie, will always be with you!

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