Man-made Religion

Manmade Religion

Does Your Religion Match that in the Bible?

Does Your Religion Match that in the Bible?

We live in a world with a lot of different religions.  Depending on who one asks or where they are, questions on religion will produce a wide variety of answers.  There are some stark differences between Christianity and all other religions in that the central figure of Christianity is attested to have been crucified and resurrected by a considerable number of eyewitnesses , all of whom suffered horrific persecution and in most cases death as a result of their testimony.  If one were to visit the grave site of religious leaders such as Mohammed, Buddha and others they will find these people are dead and they occupy those graves.  On the other hand, if one could visit the tomb of Christ, it does not contain His body.  And a great number of people who lived during that time lived lives of extreme suffering because of their testimony that He arose from His grave alive.

His coming was prophesied by people who lived hundreds to thousands of years before He lived.  His message of love and compassion stands in stark opposition to the self serving messages of other religions.  But one of the most compelling facts of Christianity is what was done by God on behalf of mankind.  Man sinned and thereby lost fellowship with God.  God desired for man to be reconciled to Himself so He left heaven and appeared on earth as a man and was rejected and slain by those He came to save.  And in the end, His death at the hands of mankind served as a substitutionary punishment for the sins of mans and provided the means for the forgiveness of transgressions and the means of restoration to fellowship with God for all.  In short, God, in the form of the man Jesus Christ, paid the penalty man deserved for his own transgressions.

This act on the part of God was prophesied by numerous people who could not have known the future.  It is not humanly possible to fabricate such a story thousands of years before it happened and then have it carried out with the pinpoint accuracy that it was.  A hoax conceived thousands of years prior to its completion which ended with the death and resurrection of the central figure, prophesied and carried out like it was is completely beyond the ability of mankind to achieve.  The Bible was written by about 40 different authors over a period of time spanning roughly 14 centuries.  From beginning to end it has a central theme which focuses on the deliverance of mankind from His sin.  The only explanation for the existence of Christianity is undoubtedly a result of divine accomplishment.  Christianity cannot be a product of man’s invention.

No other religion on earth can make the claim to authenticity with the same undeniable stamp of divine achievement.  No other religion on earth reduced its central figure to the status of a servant to all and resulted in his death at the hands of man for the transgressions of man.  No other religion on earth can start this grand plan thousands of years in advance and bring it to fruition through hundreds of generations of people.  No other religion on earth can provide the supporting documentation of this plan from start to finish with the overwhelming wealth of manuscripts that Christianity enjoys.  Christianity is the only religion on Earth that is unmistakably not a religion of manmade origin.  And as such, it is the only religion of the ones to choose from that is authentic.

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