Little Talent is Enough

God Can Use What You Have

you dont need talent for god to succeed

You Don’t Need Talent For God to Succeed.

Sometimes we fail to see the big picture of our place in the kingdom of God. We look at those who are so talented and think that whatever talent we have is so miniscule that we have nothing to give to Him. We look at others who are blessed materially and wonder if God could ever use what we have. The words of Jonathan seem so appropriate: “There is no restraint with God to save by many or by few.” Consider what God has used to accomplish His victories. Few of these things had little worth.

Consider Moses’ rod. There is no way to know how long Moses had used the rod in his hand at the burning bush, but there was no way he could have imagined how such a “worthless” thing could have such great value when God used it. That piece of wood became a serpent to convince both the Jews and the Egyptians that Moses’ message was from God. It turned water to blood and opened the Red Sea. God used what Moses had!

Consider David’s sling. A sling has its use, but no one other than David could imagine the worth of such a “worthless” thing. Saul’s armor was useless (even to Saul), but a young shepherd boy with great faith in the living God gave what he had to God’s cause, and we all know the results. God used what David had!

Consider the lad’s loaves and fish. None could have ever dreamed how enough food for a young lad could be enough food for such a great multitude. Andrew’s question seems to be so realistic, “What are they among so many?” However, there is no restraint with God. His power is seen far more in Gideon’s army of 300 than his army of 32,000. His power is seen far more in five loaves and two fish than a feast provided by ordinary means. God used what that lad had!

Consider the widow’s mites. As the Lord and His disciples watched the gifts being made at the temple, He made sure the disciples understood what was happening. Some gave out of their abundance, but the widow gave out of her poverty. Yet, our Lord said, “This poor widow has put in more than all” (Luke 21:3). She was like the Macedonians who gave to the Jewish saints out of their deep poverty (2 Cor. 8:2). They were the ones God saw as those sowing bountifully! God used what they had!

Consider what you have. Is there anything you have which could be used by God? What about your car? Your stove? Your computer? Your smart phone? Your “dumb” phone? Your pen? Your words? Your smile? Your end-seat at worship? Your warm greetings? Don’t ever think that you have nothing to offer to God! Remember Moses, David, the lad, the widow. God will use what you have—if you will let Him!

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