Jesus Wept

As Jesus wept, so let us weep

 We all know “Jesus wept” over Lazarus’ death (Jn. 11:35), but that was not the only time. Jesus, when approaching Jerusalem on that final Sunday before his subsequent crucifixion and resurrection wept as well. He wept over God’s people’s rejection of His word and Him as their Lord (Lk. 19:41-44). And so we who are His ought to weep as well… over those of God’s people today who have chosen, somewhere along the way, that God just isn’t worth ‘giving the time of day’ anymore – and certainly not worth giving a little time out of their Sunday to worship and study with us like they used to.

It’s one thing when non-Christian folks in need call the church building and request benevolence, inevitably telling us they’d like to come visit us some Sun-day because after all, they’ve “been looking for a church.” However, after we’ve rushed $200 to some local City Hall to help them avoid their disconnect date, or purchased $50 worth of gas for them so they can go ‘seek employment,’ or gone to Wal-Mart and bought $50 worth of groceries for them, they seldom if ever seem to be able to ‘find’ us come any given Sunday (despite having been given good directions), and in fact, are more often than not unreachable after that.

I’m slowly and painfully coming to learn after years of this, that that’s kind of ‘par for the course’ when dealing with the majority of the unconverted, unconvicted, unconvinced, and often uncaring masses at large.  But my personal pain over their lost estate and the fact that they care far less about their eternal souls than they do about their electric bills or bellies (See: Phil. 3:18-19), is greatly and grievously intensified the moment we start talking about our beloved and fallen-away brethren who don’t seem to want to ‘remember’ when and where we worship God together anymore either (SEE: 2 Ptr. 2:20-22; Hebs. 10:19-31)!

Let us weep for the loss of all of those brethren as we know who once were faithful and here but have chosen to no longer be. For those who impenitently choose to no longer assemble to worship with the saints on this side of eternity, have actually, whether they know it or not, ultimately made their choice – which God will also absolutely honor – to not be with His saints for all eternity either.

Yes, let us weep as Jesus wept… and for those like for whom He wept as well… For one day they will weep as well… and their ‘day’ will never end (See: Matt. 25:1-46)…

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