Greater than His Birth is His Death

It has been said that Christmas is the biggest “holy
day” of the year; and many celebrate it all around the
world.  Yet, did you know that Christmas is never
mentioned in the Bible?  It is never referred to or
endorsed, nor was it ever practiced.  That’s because
Christmas is a man-made holiday that was introduced
to the world by the traditions of men long after the
time of the New Testament.  In fact, the word
“Christmas” comes from two words: “Christ Mass.”
Though it’s main focus is to celebrate Christ’s birth,
the early church put no major emphasis on it.
Certainly His birth is the most important birth in
human history, and the Bible recorded it, therefore it
is worthy of our consideration.  Yet, neither Jesus
nor  His apostles put any emphasis of worship on His
birth at all, but rather on His death, burial, and
resurrection – as Paul said, we are to
“proclaim the
Lord’s death till He comes”
(1 Cor. 11:26).  Let us
worship God, not by man’s traditions, but rather
according to God’s truth.

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