Gospel Meeting

Coming to Every Service of the Gospel Meeting

The gospel meeting with Preacher Truth begins this Sunday, and it seems so appropriate to emphasize the importance of every member being present for every service. This has nothing to do with my personal opinion about this, but there are spiritual reasons for why this should happen. Obviously, there are those who, because of physical reasons beyond their control (work, sickness, transportation problems, etc.), could not come, but the following reasons apply to the rest of us. Look at the spiritual reasons for this.

I am coming to every service because Jesus will be present. There is no greater reason than this. The Lord said, “If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also” (John 12:26). Every Christian should be described in this verse, for every Christian should be one who serves Him. Every Christian should be one who follows Him. Now Jesus says that those who serve Him and follow Him will be where He is. It is folly to think that the Lord will be absent from any service of the meeting. Where do you think His servants and followers should be?

I am coming to every service because the lost will be there, and the gospel will be preached to them. There is no doubt that the church has worked diligently to invite others to come, and past experience shows that they will come. There is no doubt that Preacher Truth will preach the gospel clearly to them. There is also no doubt that my presence will contribute to the impact the services will have on them.  I want to be part of the salvation of the lost in my County. My absence reveals if I am seriously concerned about those in sin.

I am coming to every service because the FAMILY needs me to be present. My brothers and my sisters have prayed and invited others to come with the expectation that the Lord’s family will be present to welcome those friends who will come. My absence will not only send a silent message to those who come, but it will discourage those who have finally made headway in getting others to come. Think about it. My physical presence or absence reveals how much I actually enjoy being with my FAMILY.

I am coming to every service because I hunger and thirst after righteousness. I have not arrived at the place in my life where my righteousness is complete. I know I need to be fed from the Lord and drink from the fountain of life. I know that preaching has changed my life and fed me in the past, and that it will feed me now.

I am coming to every service because there is no place I would rather be. Think about this! What possible reason can there be for being elsewhere?

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