For Such a Time as This

Whenever the ancient Persians passed a law, it was impossible to revoke it. This law was seized upon by Haman, who attempted to use it to destroy every Jew and especially Mordecai. Mordecai was the cousin of Queen Esther, who had used his wise counsel to become queen of the vast Medo-Persian Empire. The only visible hope for the salvation of the Jews was for Esther to intervene. Mordecai motivated his younger cousin, telling her that perhaps God had placed her on the throne for this very action. His precise words were, “Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

These words sum up the extent of our precise knowledge that whatever is happening in our lives is a precise event in which God has placed us. There are those specific times and specific people who were raised up by God, and because of Divine revelation, we know emphatically that that person was at that place at that precise time to accomplish a precise action. However, without such specific revelation, we find ourselves in the same situation as did Mordecai and Esther. We can know that perhaps God has placed a door of opportunity before us that we might be the avenue for Him to accomplish His purpose. This concept makes life amazingly exciting.

How often have you sung the song, Lead Me to Some Soul Today? Do you believe that He heard that prayer? Do you really believe that He will answer that prayer? If so, then think of the words of Mordecai every time you meet someone today. How do you know if that person is not an answer to your prayers? How do you know, even if he has in the past told you he was not interested, what is happening in his life right now which would make him receptive to your interest in his soul? How do you know whether you have been brought to that person for such a time as this? This concept makes life so exciting!

Our Friends and Family Day is just a few days away. Have you been praying that God would help you find someone to invite? Even if you have not been praying this specific prayer, are you aware that others have been praying for you? Do you believe He is hearing those prayers? Do you really believe that He will answer those prayers? Think about it! God may be trying to use you to lead another person to the Lord!

Let me appeal to every member of this congregation to join with others to pray that God will lead us to receptive people who are needing the Lord and just haven’t found their way. Isaiah’s response to the call of God was, “Here am I, Lord, send me.” Our response should be, “Here we are, Lord, use us.” Wow—for such a time as this—it makes life so exciting!

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