Easter: Godess of Love?

Did you know that the so-called Christian holiday of
Easter is never mentioned in the Bible?   To be sure,
the word “Easter” is mentioned once in the King
James Version of the Bible (in Acts 12:4), but it is not
in reference to any Christian holy day.  In fact, the
Greek word for Easter is “pascha” (meaning
“Passover,” a Jewish feast day).  You see, the
context of Acts 12:4 has no relationship with the
resurrection of Christ at all (as the traditions of men
claim); but rather deals with King Herod’s persecution
of Christians at the time of the Passover (vv.1-3).
Thus, the English word “Easter” is a confusing term
supplied by the translators and is of Pagan origin
(originally “Eostre,” an Anglo- Saxon term meaning
“goddess of love,” or “of spring”).

Certainly Christians are commanded to observe
Christ’s death till He comes (1 Cor. 11:26), however
Bible authority reveals that it is to be observed every
Sunday (cf. Acts 20:7), not just once a year (as the
man-made holiday of Easter is observed).  In light of
Matthew 15:7-9, which will you observe: the traditions
of men or the will of God?

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