Deepen Your Walk With God

Walk With God

I have often been told, even since I was a small boy,that being a preacher is the hardest profession in the world. Certainly, being a preacher is not without its challenges. And, I often wonder if James was thinking about this when he wrote James 3:1 about being careful in being a master of knowledge. Was he also reflecting back on his brother’s life and what He endured for His preaching?

Deepen your walk with God and better all mankind.

Deepen your walk with God and better all mankind.

Be that as it may, while preaching is a difficult job, he does so because he wants to make a great impact with his life and ministry and in the lives of others. And, regardless if his vision for his ministry is large or small, we need to consider even more, our relationship with God. Every preacher walks with God. But, preachers need more than to just walk with God. Ministers need to deepen that walk with Him if we want to have a greater influence and if we want to make a difference. But, how do we deepen our walk with Him?

I believe it starts with humbling ourselves before the Lord (Jam. 4:10). Mankind is inclined to fill his/her life with pride. But, as a minister, we need to be meek (Matt. 5:5). You see, the meek are those who wait for the Lord. They trust in God and believe that He will work for them because God is on our side. To be meek as a minister means to realize we are insufficient and that God sustains us and guides us and protects us.

But in addition, if we want a deeper relationship with God, we must do what Paul told Timothy, which is to study and show yourself approved by God (2 Timothy 2:15). Spending time with God in prayer and filling our minds with His words, makes us growin our personal connection with Him. And, the closer connection we have with Him, the more holiness we pursue. The more we put our thoughts aside and the more we allow Christ to lead us. And, it is through this process that a minister puts more trust in the Lord.

In fact, the wisest of all man said to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and do not rely on what you understand (Prov. 3:5). This can be extremely difficult. You may not think so, especially as a minister. But, we oftentimes find ourselves in very difficult situations and we need to trust in the Lord for everything, including our future. He knows us. He knows what is best for us. And, even when we look toward one solution, the Lord wants us to prioritize our lives and trust Him, even when a solution is not visible by you.

By having this kind of relationship with God not only brings us closer to Him and not only lets us grow spiritually, but it also affects those we influence. And so, if you want a greater influence in your ministry, it all begins with our deeper walk with God on a daily basis. Our motives determine our future as well as our prayer life. And, when we walk with Him, we have a heart on fire for the Lord.



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