Creation Speaks

Get Better Acquainted with God

We need to all get better acquainted with God. Moses for example, got acquainted with God in a burning bush and you may find God there too, for God’s creation speaks to us today.

God speaks through His Word and His Creation.

God speaks through His Word and His Creation.

God speaks through the beauty of our world—in the thunderous waterfall, the lofty mountain, the onrushing river, the red, red rose, the green fir tree. When you climb some high peak and you look down into the valley below, the only word that will truly define your feeling is God!

God speaks also through the orderliness of His creation. The stars move in their orbits; the seasons come and go with regularity. Our world is at that exact spot where life may exist. Now, I do not know if we were closer to the sun, everything would burn up or, if we were farther away, everything would freeze. But I do know that planet earth is the only planet that sustains life and it does so because of how God has designed the universe.

But nature does not reveal all the nature of God. So, you will need to keep on reading your Bible. The Bible tells of a God who created the universe; of a God who chose the Hebrews as the race from which Christ would come; as the God who is the Father and who loves His children enough to send His Son for our salvation.

The highest revelation then of God is in Jesus. For, Jesus was also a person who gave us His Gospel. And, He is truth, love, beauty and strength! And, as we go through this life and study more about Jesus, we get better acquainted with God.

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