Costa Rica 2020

Costa Rica 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We are about 2 months away from our Costa Rica Campaign. It is our goal there to spread the gospel and encourage the Saints. This trip will be my fifth and April’s 3rd.  The work is rewarding and the people are very receptive of the Gospel.  We will be heading out in January and will be following up with our work from last year in the area of La Fortuna.  That work resulted in many favorable outcomes and we pray our continued efforts will add to the blessing.

Currently, we are $2560 short of our needs.  If you are able to assist in supporting us, it would be deeply appreciated.  For those of you who have supported us through prayer and/or financial assistance in the past, thank you!  We again ask for your prayerful consideration in supporting this effort to spread the gospel to the people of Costa Rica.

Our total need again this year will be approximately 2,180 apiece for a work of 10 days.

The campaign expenses (approximately) per person are as follows:

  1. Flight – $800
  2. Alajuela 2 nights – $70.00
  3. Accommodations for 7 nights – 225.00
  4. Meals – 10 days @ 40.00/day – $400.00
  5. Translator – $300.00
  6. Airport tax – $25.00
  7. Vehicles and Fuel – $260.00
  8. Food for local Brethren – $100.00

Total $2180.00

We are excited to spread the Gospel message in Costa Rica. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and provide a report after the campaign is completed. Please contact us at 816-341-0659 if you have any additional questions.

Below we have provided information in regard to mailing address and our ability to follow up with those contributing.  We provide a follow up report to all who contribute.

In Christian love,

Travis/April Main


Contributor Information

Costa Rica Campaign  January 2020

Travis and April Main  (816) 341-0659

To:       Travis Main

P.O. Box 772

Steelville, Mo65565


Contributor Information

Contact Person:   __________________________________

Address:              __________________________________

City/State/Zip:      __________________________________

Phone:                 __________________________________

Amount Enclosed:_______________

Congregation:      ___________________________________

City/State:            ___________________________________

Phone:                 ___________________________________


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