Checked Your Bucket List?

I am not sure about the origin of the expression “bucket list,” but I know the concept. It is a list of all the things one wants to experience before they “kick the bucket.” Sometimes the list is made in one’s youth and can be so imaginative. It might have items like visit the South Pole, skydive over the Grand Canyon, hitchhike around Europe, own a Ferrari, view an open heart surgery or a host of other things which are viewed as something one would never want to miss.

I have wondered what impact such a list would have on the life of a Christian if the list focused on his/her spiritual life. What items would you put on that list? What should you experience as a child of God to make sure that you do not miss the good life?  I am not talking about those extreme ideas which might never become a reality like spending a week atop Mt. Sinai, Swimming across the Sea of Galilee, exploring and finding Noah’s ark or helping rebuild Babylon. On a practical level, what do you think every Christian should do?

First on the list might be to make sure that one reads the entire Bible through, perhaps several times. Over the years I have been amazed at how many Christians have never done this. Can you imagine Moses coming down off Mt. Sinai with the words of God and people being too busy to read them? What could be more important than reading the words written by the finger of God? Yet, how different from one having the words of God, written by prophets’ hands under God’s supervision and being too busy to read them? Is this on your list? There is a final test, make sure you have read the textbook!

High on the list should be time devoted to prayer and meditation. If you don’t plan to pray privately, you likely will only pray in times of crisis! If you see a relationship between David and Daniel’s praying three times every day and their great spirituality, shouldn’t you put this on your list?

Imagine the impact it would have on the way you look at life if you put on your list that before you die you will lead someone to the Lord. Think of how greatly devoted Jesus was to sharing truth, then carefully look at what you plan to do with your life. He, too, had only one life to live and bringing others to God was at the center of His life. What about you? What do you really want to be sure you accomplish before you die.

You may not have a written list, but you probably have one. If given the chance to accomplish things on your secular list, you would do all you can to seize that opportunity. How devoted are you to your spiritual list?

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