Casey Anthony’s Biggest Mistake

This article has nothing to do with the guilt of Casey Anthony, who, in the view of most Americans, got away with murdering her daughter, Caylee. When the “Not Guilty” verdict was read last week, there was an overwhelming reaction of disdain and a resounding cry for justice for Caylee.

The rage came from the evidence presented by the prosecutors of a young mom who had little love for her child. The child was “in the way” and kept her from having a lifestyle characterized by partying. The attorneys portrayed her as a self-centered, self-seeking mom, who viewed being a mother a burden no one should have to bear.

When this evidence was seen by the millions who were captivated by the broadcast of the trial, it was widely believed that the only justice which would fit the crime was for Casey to be found guilty and either sentenced to death or at least life imprisonment. The image of Caylee’s last hours involving chloroform and perhaps suffocation using duct tape burned in their memory and cried out for justice.

Without commenting on whether Casey was guilty or innocent, there is another matter which many Americans should seriously consider. Turn the calendar back to that time when Casey first discovered she was pregnant. Assuming the attorney’s presentation to be true, she would have had no desire to be a mother. The pending birth of little Caylee would demand a change in Casey’s lifestyle. The new baby would simply be in the way. Because she was a self-centered, self-seeking mom, being a mom would force her to stop being a party girl.

However, at that time there would have been an easy “solution.” When Casey discovered she was pregnant, all she had to do was visit a clinic where little Caylee could be broken into pieces inside the womb, sucked out with a vacuum and flushed down the drain. Then this self-centered young lady could continue partying and enjoying the “good life.”

You see the mistake Casey made was the timing of the aborting of Caylee’s life. Had she aborted Caylee’s life three weeks before she was born, it would have been legal and the millions would have justified her action! Her mistake was one of timing!

What is wrong with this picture? America wake up! How hypocritical is it for our nation to defend the right of abortion so that one’s lifestyle is not altered by a child, yet rise up in arms when it is done after the birth? Caylee was Caylee in the womb! No one has a right to abort the life of a child!

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