Can There Be Opposite Truths?

Two opposites cannot both be right at the same time. It goes without saying, but I will say it, an item cannot be black and white at the same time. Two plus two cannot equal four and also equal five. There cannot be 16 ounces in a pound and 8 ounces in one. Nothing can change this truth. It is inherently true.

Now, consider this when it comes to spiritual matters. Somehow, many have arrived at the conclusion that sincerity of one’s heart can negate what God has said. One can be sincerely wrong, but they are still wrong. The sincere devotion of Buddhists or Muslims cannot negate the fact that God gave His Son to die for mankind, and that Son is the only avenue of acceptance with God (John 14:6). The sincere devotion of Paul in following Judaism was no substitute for following Jesus. His prayer was for the salvation of all Israel who were zealous but lost (Rom. 10:1-2).

Look at the application of this concept. Some sincerely believe that one is saved without baptism and are adamant in affirming that baptism does not save. Others believe that baptism is a condition of salvation, and unless one is baptized there is no salvation. Both of these statements cannot be true. One is truth, the other is error.

To see this more clearly, look at the following and mentally draw a line through the one which is wrong.

Baptism does not save us.

Baptism does now save us.

Which of these two represent what you believe about baptism? More importantly, which one represents what God teaches about the matter? Look at the statements again and draw a line through the one which is wrong.

Having done that, look at what God says about this. God’s Holy Spirit guided the hand of Peter to write, “Baptism does now save us” (1 Pet. 3:21).  Some sincerely might draw the line through this plain statement, but they are sincerely wrong. Sincerity cannot negate what God says.

Now, think about other opposite “truths.” It cannot be that God allows women to speak in the assembly and God forbids women to speak in the assembly. They are opposites, both cannot be true. It cannot be that a baby enters this world with a sinful nature and that he enters this world with the nature of Jesus. Think of other opposites “truths.” They cannot both be true!

So, how does one determine what is right? Love truth, seek truth, study to find truth, follow truth and you will know!

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