Bible Perspective

Almost all religious peoples’ perspectives in the world of so-called “Christendom” can be traced directly back to their individual perspectives of what they believe about Scripture. In other words, what such a person believes and how one behaves regarding anything spiritual, is largely if not totally governed by their particular view of what the Scripture actually is.

To those who believe it to be simply a collection of old stories handed down from generation to generation about the history of God’s people, then accurately dividing and obeying it won’t really matter much. These people will feel inclined to let it only peripherally impact their lives, if at all.

To those who believe it is only just “a love letter sent from God,” it will have very little effect or impact on their lives either, other than to give them the false and eternally-fatal impression that God ‘loves’ them so much that no matter how they live, He will simply take them all to Heaven.

But; we here at the church of Christ believe that God’s word is absolutely true, perfect, flawless, and timeless (Psalm 19, 119; John 17:17); that every single sentence, word, and letter, is divinely inspired and sent directly from God Himself to guide His people (II Timothy 3:14-4:4; II Peter 1:20-21); and that His word alone is what will judge us all in the last Day (John 12:48).

This is why we, like the apostles, dare not tamper with, add to, or subtract from, His Holy word (John 6:60-69, 8:31-55; II Corinthians 4:2-4; Revelation 22:18-19), and why we seek to follow it in everything.

What about you? What do YOU believe the Bible is? Do you really and truly believe that it is the very word of God Himself as do we, or something far, far less? And if you truly believe it to be what we do, then how is it possible to attend or be loyal to a ‘church’ that is completely foreign to, and  found not in, it? And if you aren’t sure exactly what you believe about it, or would like to know what supporting facts we have that cause us to believe what we do as strongly as we do, then come and see and set and study with us! “The churches of Christ greet you” (Romans 16:16).

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