Bible Code 101

Code-Speak. Many modern professions claim their own unique brand of it. For example, the military, medical, transportation and technical professions all have their own particular and precise, personal and unique occupational languages – languages combining numbers, slang, and abbreviations which do not mean anywhere near the same thing to the untrained ear as they do to those within these particular professional circles.

Different areas of the country also share this same “code speak” aspect. For instance, having grown up and spent the first forty-eight years of our lives living in the New England states of Maine and New Hampshire, imagine our surprise after re-locating to Oklahoma and hearing such words (?) as “bumfuzzled” and “tubule” for the first time! Or, having been raised with “puny” meaning ‘very small,’ and all of the sudden hearing that someone in Oklahoma stayed home because they felt “puny” (apparently in ‘Oklahoma-code-speak,’ “puny” means sickly). Or finally, hearing that someone got up “out of,” instead of “off of,” the floor (how can anyone get “out of” something they can’t “get into” but only on to?). I actually went out and bought a small “Okie Dictionary” just to help me communicate… (all in love and jest of course).

Well apparently those of the pagan and biblically-uneducated religious world also have their own brand of “code-speak” as well. In this article I will try to help you actually decipher certain favorite phrases that some of their more militant use – in some cases either unconsciously or subconsciously – in order to try to deny God His rightful place in their lives, and what those phrases actually translate as, to those who are truly listening – including I believe, perhaps even the Lord Himself. For example:

  1. “I do not want to discuss it with you anymore.” (Variations may include, “I do not want to discuss the bible with you anymore,” “No bible discussion at all,” and/or “We’re not going there,” in reference to biblical things.) Translation? This is code for: “With your constantly bringing up ‘book, chapter, and verse’ in support of your points, you make me realize that I have absolutely no biblical ground to stand on whatsoever in support of my personal desires – and you make me realize it. Therefore, further biblical discussion will only force me to further see the full futility of my fallacious folly… and I don’t want to!”
  1. “You have no right to judge!” Doesn’t the bible say “Judge not?” “How dare you be so judgmental as to judge me and my lifestyle?” Translation? This is code for: “I have never actually studied, or even really read that verse (It is a verse, right?) in its context. (In fact, I’m not even sure where it is in scripture.) I have absolutely no idea that Jesus goes on in the very next 5 verses to immediately clarify and explain that statement, therein indicating: #1). That we indeed MUST go and judge, but only after careful and cautious introspection of our own lives and motives; #2) that this agrees completely with His commandment as recorded in John 7:24 that Christians ARE TO judge, only “with righteous judgment;” or, #3) that Jesus, just 5 short verses after stating “judge not,” immediately then refers to those who would repeatedly, rebelliously refuse to receive just such righteous judgments    (such as maybe those who would continually clamor “judge not,” in order to continue to defend their own sinful lifestyles perhaps?) as “dogs” (See and study Matthew 7:1-6). It additionally means: Nor do I see even the slightest hypocrisy at all on my part for passing and pronouncing judgment on you for my erroneously seeing you as being judgmental!    
  1. “It doesn’t matter what church one attends as long as they’re happy there.” (Variations may include, “Attend the church of your choice,” “All churches are going to heaven,” and/or “Do you really think you’re the only ones going to heaven?!?” Translation? This is code for: “Worship is really all about what pleases a person, not about what God commanded and communicated that pleases Him. And additionally: I have absolutely no idea what the bible says about the one body/one undenominated and undivided church/bride of Jesus Christ in places like Matthew 16:18-19; John 17:20-21; Colossians 1:18 and 24; Ephesians 1:22-23 and 4:4-6; 1 Corinthians 1:10-13 and 12:12-27; and Romans 16:16; and I have therefore chosen to deceive myself into believing that any man-made and originated denomination of the past 500 years is just as valuable and precious to God as His own one and only perfect Son’s blood-bought church is, as it is seen in Scripture.
  1. “We’re all part of the same church.” Translation? This is code for: “I am actually naïve enough to be convinced that all competing automobile corporations such as Ford, General Motors, and Toyota are all just a part of the same automobile company; and to believe that Burger King, McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr, Sonic, Freddie’s and all the other competing fast food hamburger restaurants are really all just a part of the same earthly corporation, if told so.
  1. “All ‘churches folks’ are going to be in heaven no matter which church they attend; we’re just taking different routes to get there.” Translation? This is code for: “Yes, I believe that by going in a due southerly, easterly, or westerly direction out into space exclusively and eternally, all will arrive at the same due North destination eventually.” (Really? Let’s hope they’re not employed as a pilot on any plane we take for vacation!)

Although many others could surely be cited – and certainly you can think of many others yourselves – perhaps it is truly time to start thinking in these terms. That way we can better understand what the ‘uneducated in the scriptures religious code-speakers’ are really saying, and help them to see the light and speak more clearly. In the meantime, keep this little reference handy in order to show them the next time they seek to speak to you in code… Maybe it’ll help…


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