Benefits of Going to Hell or Heaven


1. There is no preaching or sermons in Hell.

a. There are no sermons about things that some do not want to hear.

b. There is no more exposing false teachers.

c. There no one who will tell you of your sins.

2. There are no more preachers to reveal God’s saving message (you won’t need it there).

3. There is no plan of salvation because you cannot be saved in Hell.

4. There is no church work in Hell because the church will be in Heaven.

5. There will be no more begging from church members to attend services.

6. There will be no interference with your lifestyle because you won’t have one.

7. There will be no more invitations in Hell to make your life right nor will you hear your husband or wife asking you to obey the will of God.


1. It is a place of beauty where the redeemed will be.

2. It is a place where we hear the breath of God.

3. It is a place where no one is criticized.

4. It is a place where God shows the rewards of the hope that he gave us.

5. It is a place where we will be in everlasting glory.

6. It is a place where we will be number one (the most popular–‐–‐God’s favorites)

7. It is a place where we can live forevermore in peace and love wrapped in all the glory of the heavenly home that God made us.

If we are to invest in our future physically, mentally, and financially; should we not also invest in our future SPIRITUALLY, which is most important? If we follow God, the return will be great. Although we may struggle from time to time as a Christian, the Lord said to, “Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.” (Matt. 5:12)

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