Bagaces, Costa Rica Campaign 2018

Bagaces, Costa Rica Campaign 2018

The funding has begun for the third year of our Costa Rica Campaign (January 4-12, 2018.  The last two years, Sterling Main and I (Travis Main) have traveled with a larger evangelistic team to spread the Good News to the kind people of Costa Rica.  This year, Sterling enrolled in the Memphis School of Preaching and will be unable to travel with me.  However, my darling wife of 27 years, April Main, will be taking his place.  She will be a great asset to our team as a great many of our contacts turn out to be female.  Her ability to relate and lend a cheerful face to the invitation of Christ will be warmly embraced.

Please pray for the success of this campaign!

Please pray for the success of this campaign!

Our trip to Bagaces resulted in many conversions last year and numerous hours of Bible based knowledge to the area.  The congregation of Bagaces moved from a small, rented building in the town, to a building they saved to build just outside of town.  It is our hope to add encouragement and souls to this assembly of zealous brothers and sisters.

This year our work will change somewhat in that the evangelistic efforts last year were predominantly focused on areas outside of the city.  This year the plan is to work within the city and pursue contacts where the congregation has already worked to plant the seed of God.

The expenses per person on this trip are broken down as follows:

  1. Flight – $750,
  2. Accomodations for 8 nights – 170.00
  3. Meals – 9 days – 270.00
  4. Translator – $300.00
  5. Airport tax – $25.00
  6. Vehicles and Fuel – $325.00
  7. Food for local Brethren – $100.00

The total expenditure for April and I will be $3880.00.  The two years previous years we have worked in Costa Rica, the costs have been close to exact.  Phil Grear of Springfield, Ohio, does an excellent jobs of providing an accurate list of expenditures.

If you would be interested in aiding our efforts to spread the Gospel in this campaign you may send funds to:  Travis Main; PO BOX 12; Sparta, Ohio, 43350.

If you have questions, you may email me at:

Thank you and may God Bless your day,

Travis Main


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