Are You Teachable?

Practical Christianity

Is there anything more frustrating in conversation than someone who can’t seem to get to the point? I have listened to some preachers who preach an entire lesson and leave you wondering “What’s the point?”. In fact, in everyday conversation I like some-one to say what they mean, get to the point, and be understandable. One thing rings true from the book of James…he doesn’t mince words; he is clear, concise, and practical.

God's principles for a good life are simple.  Are you teachable?

God’s principles for a good life are simple. Are you teachable?

We as individual Christians, and the church as a whole, would be in far better spiritual health if we started living the biblically inspired principles therein. 1) Friendship with the world puts you at odds with God. 2) God opposes the proud but gives grace and lifts up the humble. 3) Draw near to God, cleanse your hands, purify your hearts, and God will draw near to you. 4) Understand that life is short and should be lived in view of the eternity beyond this life and those things that are pleasing to God. 5) Knowing good and not doing it is sin. 6) Be patient. 7) Keep you word! 8) Pray and sing. 9) Confess your faults to one another. 10) Save yourself and others.

It’s not that we can’t know what to do or that we can’t do what is pleasing to God. The problem is often our “teachability” and our willingness to do God’s will. Are you teachable? Listen, it’s not thank we can’t know, it’s are we humble enough to submit to the teaching of God and then do it. We have much to do and the forest at times seems overwhelming. But God gave us His Son, He gave us His word, and He has given us the church. One step at a time friends, keeping God and eternity in focus. Be faithful!

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