Appreciate God

Humanity has always faced problems—one is the  trouble of appreciating what it means to become  a Christian and to have the fellowship of God,  especially during good times. The exception is when  many find themselves with problems, concerns, ordeals  and such like. When we face these, we tend to stop and  think about how wonderful it is to be a Christian. It is  much easier when we are faced with the loss of a loved  one or some other trial in life to stop and realize how  amazing it is to have God as our Father and Christ as our  Savior. We ask ourselves the question, “How could I live  and face these trials of life if I were not a Christian?”  However, when life becomes easy again, it is easy for  us to stop thinking about about how magnificent it is to  be in fellowship with God. As we live everyday, we do  not face these as constant trials, and it is not that easy to  remember what a blessing it is to be in fellowship with  God. Christians today who are missing other blessings  we enjoy realize how wonderful it is to be a Christian  and to be able to assemble with the saints.

Therefore, here is one problem we face. This was a  problem that the nation of Israel had. They had a problem  in grasping what a blessing it was to have fellowship with  God above all the other nations of the earth. No other  nation was as blessed as they were. Because they did  not comprehend the blessings they enjoyed, it was hard  for them to appreciate the responsibilities that they had.  The failure to value their responsibilities finally led them  to the place where they thought that the responsibilities  had nothing to do with their being in fellowship with  God. They imagined they were the special people of  God, and that because Abraham was their father, God  would never cut them off (cf. John 8:33-39). Had they  studied carefully the Old Testament (especially the book  of Leviticus) and thought about the lessons therein, they  never would have come to that conclusion. Above all  else, the book of Leviticus stresses that the holiness of  God demands holy and righteous living by people who  have His fellowship. The whole importance of the book  is to show the significance of fellowship with God and  the responsibilities that appear when one is in fellowship  with God, and a failure to meet these responsibilities is  to end up finally losing this blessed divine fellowship.

Therefore, the Old Testament is not as obsolete as  we may think it is, because that principle is true today  since it is based upon the character of God. God says,  “ For I am the Lord, I change not ” (Mal. 3:6). He is not  a man. Therefore, the unchanging character of God  means that principles that are true today are just as true  as they were in the Old Testament. It is important that we  think carefully about these things and learn the lessons  involved. Do we really appreciate God?

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